Brian Britigan is a Brooklyn-based illustrator born and raised in Iowa City, IA. He previously lived in Seattle and New Zealand before moving to NYC to pursue an MFA in illustration at the School of Visual Arts. He has worked as an illustrator, animator, and ice cream truck driver.

Interview with Graphic Competitions

Interview with Bee Paper

Sketchbook Process



Awards & Honors

3x3 - Illustration Annual No. 15

Communication Arts - 2018 Illustration Annual

The Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles - Illustration West 56

Creative Quarterly - CQ 49

Infected By Art - Volume 6

Spectrum 21




WOW² (Volume II), WOW x WOW

MicroVisions, WOW x WOW

The Philanthropy Poster Project, SVA Grammercy Gallery, New York, NY


Dreamlogic, Helikon Gallery, Denver, CO, 

Single Fare 4, Highline Stages, New York, NY

Wanna See My Deck?, True Love Art Gallery, Seattle, WA

Actions Speak Louder than Words, Greek National Opera House, Athens, Greece


The Book Show, SVA Grammercy Gallery, New York, NY

Gone, SVA Grammercy Gallery, New York, NY


Space Oddity, Push/Pull Gallery, Seattle, WA


Pain: An Artistic Experience, A/NT Gallery, Seattle, WA

'Mo-Wave!, True Love Art Gallery, Seattle, WA

The Enlightenment Cabinet: Chamber of Wonders, Krab Jab Studio, Seattle, WA


Everybody Has a Spirit Animal, Queens Wharf, Auckland, New Zealand

Natural Science, True Love Gallery, Seattle, WA

Polari: A Queer Art Show, True Love Gallery, Seattle, WA

The Seattle Sketchbook Show, Gage Academy of Art, Seattle, WA


Beyond the Western Lands, SOIL Gallery, Seattle, WA

Fifth Annual CVG Show, Collective Visions Gallery, Bremerton, WA

Ver(A)rt, The Vera Project, Seattle, WA


Narrative Animal Imagery, San Luis Obispo Museum of Art, San Luis Obispo, CA

Does Size Matter?, Jacob Lawrence Gallery, Seattle, WA